Resources for businesses and organizations to pivot during times of crisis

This is a collection of resources that nonprofit and for-profit organizations and community groups throughout the Mountain State can use to develop their own strategic responses to the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Top Tips for Strategizing in Times of Crisis

Research and Collect Data

    • Isolate certain aspects that need to be addressed. What is working? What isn’t working? Research missing data points to make informed decisions.

Identify Assets & Opportunities

    • Examples of assets: Partnerships, Stakeholders, Staffing, Previously collected data, Systems that work, Mobility, Capital.
    • Examples of opportunities: Gap in skills, Necessary Training, Broken communication lines.

Question Longevity

    • Are the problems caused by the crisis, or simply expanded and/or brought to light by the crisis? Can the strategy serve as a direct response, as well as build capacity?

Talk to People

    • Involve stakeholders, Involve the Community, Involve board members. Give everyone a seat at the table.

Identify Priorities

    • Base your strategy on data. This can be done internally or by commission.

Have an Open Mind

    • What mindset shifts need to take place? How can that be facilitated?

Do Something!

    • Plan your work and then work your plan! Taking action is the most important step. Without action, strategies don’t work.

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Pivoting Your Business
Creative Disruptors has developed tools to help entrepreneurs find the right pivot for their organization based on the lessons learned from 10 different small business pivot stories across Appalachia. Learn more »

Seven Tasks of Sustainable Social Change
This short learning module by Future Generations University provides a holistic cycle of seven local actions that you can take to support and nurture the positive change already underway within your community. Learn more »


Technical and Financial Resources – Best in West Virginia Program
The “BEST in West Virginia” Program (presented by TechConnectWV in partnership with the West Virginia Small Business Development Center) aims to increase the number of West Virginia-based Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) innovative technology proposals and awards. Learn more »

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About the Authors

A group of community and economic development professionals in the Community Collaborative Network gathered to identify urgent needs in the community development system. The group realized that building new connections would be crucial to moving community development work forward in West Virginia, and came together over a period of 90 days to create a solution and resource that spoke to this challenge.